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Conservatory Lab Charter School is an organization with a clear mission. They provide the highest level of educational experience to their students in part by integrating music into the curriculum. Each student, regardless of prior musical experience, is taught to play an instrument. It is not a school that approaches music and the arts as a relaxing extracurricular, but pursues it with a the same rigor and discipline as math and reading.

Llewellyn Creative was hired to tell this story. We story-boarded, wrote, shot and edited this video. The music, of course, is from the students.

This project is microcosm of Llewellyn Creative’s ability to effectively tell a story in a way that moves the audience. All the footage was shot on location by our team, both at the school and out in the field. We were able to learn as much as we could about the culture of the school during our discovery period, and distill that information down into a script that was both informative and meaningful. From there it was just a matter of shooting beautiful video footage of the students in action.

Along with the video work we did for the school, we also build them a library of still images to help in their marketing efforts.

If your school is looking for this type of video work, or needs any help with creative services, please visit our page featuring our educational portfolio. Or, if you want to get in touch with our with please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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