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We take an emotional approach to video – our goal each time is to move people. A message devoid of emotion is lost on its audience. We concept, storyboard, write, shoot and edit each film we make so that our vision for your business has a constant and authentic through-line across the whole piece.

We specialize in telling a concentrated, human story that represents the wider narrative. Some of the best ways to connect with an audience is by starting the conversation at the most relatable level. That is why we believe so deeply in the power of a heartfelt testimonial video. We want our heroes to speak in their own powerful voice, even if we need to help them find it.


Some of Our Video Clients

Technical Capabilities

From a more technical perspective, we shoot our work on a pair of 4k digital cinema cameras, our flagship being the RED Scarlet.  We handle post production in-house, from editing, to color-grading, to After Effects final touches, we have the capability to handle all the creative steps – the message of each film stays unmuddled.

In 2015, Llewellyn Creative won a Communicator Gold Award of Excellence for the video “Foundations of Fenn” and a Silver Award of Distinction for Dr. DeRosa’s Video Blog.


Here’s a sample of some of our work:





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