Content Marketing For Schools 2

Can Content Marketing Work For Schools?

Content Marketing For Schools

Content marketing can be an effective tool for schools that are looking to boost their applications and alumni participation. If you need a quick primer on what content marketing is and how effective it can be check out:

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The plan is pretty straightforward.  More quality content creates more opportunities for alumni and potential students to engage with your website.  More alumni engagement leads to more opportunities for fundraising.  And more potential students who find interesting content on your website, the more likely your application pool will increase.  The challenge is how to create this quality content.

Often, the first thing marketers think about when creating content is written blog posts, but for schools visuals are an even strong content strategy. Visuals, like photography and video, interests potential students or alumni to see what’s going on at the school. Its a fact people LOVE to see themselves, their children, or potential friends and teachers!

I know that many of you already have a full plate of handling the many hats that you wear at a school. From teaching, administration, coaching, counseling and the list goes on and on. My husband works at a local boarding school and is a college counselor, advisor, dorm parent, and coach! It’s a little crazy how much is expected of a faculty member at a school. So, how do you have the time to add more content onto the school’s website?

Content Marketing For Schools 2

First, off bite it off in small bits. Start with a calendar of events for the school, then think about getting fresh photography or video clips of these events and the kids on campus enjoying the events. These assets can be packaged into great content for your website. A photo montage of an event? A video clip from a sporting event? An interview with alumni at Homecoming? These will drive traffic.

Now, some of you already do this for your website which is fantastic. The next step would be to maybe look at the frequently asked questions about your school and create short videos to answer these questions.


      • “what is it like to go to an all boys or all girls school?”
      • “what’s the food like?”
      • “How do I get involved as a parent of a boarding student?”
      • “What is different about your school?”
      • “what’s it like living in a dorm?”


Look at creating short 1-2 minute videos and post one every other week. Mix it up with the fresh photography. It gives you something to talk to folks about. Then post about it on social media so it draws the attention of your alumni. You won’t believe how this gets talked about and shared once it’s online.

By doing this you should see a boost in your website visits from potential students, parents and alumni. Currently we at Llewellyn Creative are working on such a project for The Fenn School in Concord, MA. It’s been such a fun and inspiring project. We have launched 2 videos already and two more will be launched shortly. We have also popped on campus for each season to grab new photography and b-roll. It’s a great way to keep the content coming and fresh. Keep an eye out for our 2 new videos. We’ll be blogging about them soon.

-Caroline Bigelow

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