The Landing School

The Landing School Video


Our latest video was for The Landing School in Arundel, ME. It is the only school in the world that offers yacht design, boat building, composites and marine systems all under one roof. You will find folks of all ages, from high school graduates to people looking for a second career, all working hard to follow their passion for the marine industry. 

All of us here at Llewellyn Creative, having our own personal passion for the sea, loved working on this project. It gave us an excuse to spend a day at the school learning about what projects each program was working on. We got to see composite boats getting their final touches, marine systems students taking winches apart, and wooden boat builders planking their newly designed Arundel-19s. It was a wonderful day and made us all want to leave the cameras behind and join in!


Here’s a look behind the scenes at the Kessler jib flying the Red over a banister and out over the balcony. That’s putting a lot of faith in Kessler!

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