UPDATE: Content Marketing Case Study

UPDATE: Content Marketing Case Study

Content Marketing Boston


I wanted to give a quick update on the success of the content marketing campaign that we are running with Dr. Jaimie DeRosa. Just a quick recap of facts.

  • We started this a video blogging campaign for Boston based facial plastic surgeon in the Fall.
  • October was the first full month of video blogging.
  • Until that point, the Dr. DeRosa’s average month visits that came from organic search was 300.
  • After October, that number rose to 430.
  • That represented a 43% increase in organic search traffic over the average.

We just got the full statistics in for the month of January, and the success has just continued. Her organic search traffic for the month rose to 554 visits.

To put that into perspective, that’s:

  • An almost 85% percent increase from average.
  • Almost 18 potential patients finding her every day from search engines.
  • That’s a 117% increase from the same month last year.


Why does this campaign work so well? It is because Dr. DeRosa consistently anticipates potential patients questions and proactively answers them on her blog.

Content Marketing Case Study

(Here’s a sample of one of Dr. DeRosa’s Blog videos)

Most encouragingly, this increase in traffic to the site isn’t coming from one home-run blog post that is getting a disproportionate percentage of hits. In fact, no single blog post has more that a 6% share of the overall search traffic. In the month of January, there were 47 different landing pages from organic search, meaning 47 different pages showed up in organic search results and received traffic. That is the start of a strong foundation.

We intend to continue this campaign and I predict that traffic results will continue to be cumulatively effective, as they have been so far.

If you have any questions about how this type of campaign can work for your own business, or just have any questions at all – we’re happy to help.



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